Dear Africa4u Association

Firstly I would like to thank you for this award; AFRICA4U Youth Ambassador for the United Kingdom.

This award is for the YOUTH, the children of Africa. OUR children of Africa. The younger me, That needed a Voice.

My purpose and my writing is to be a voice for the YOUTH, a voice that feeds our youth Wisdom, light, healing, truth , love and peace, in our ONENESS.

This award is for our community, for our Leaders, Elders and Teachers, to continue leading our youths in the right paths and directions with the right resources and VOICE.

This award is for Our community to always remind our children that they are the chosen ones and that they are the most powerful, intelligent and beautiful.

This award is for us to continue speaking LIFE in to our YOUTH. As they are OUR future.

I am humbled, honoured and optimistic for the future by this award, I and we have a lot of work to do, to make a difference. This award makes it hopeful that Together we can make it happen.

Africa4u Thank you for recognising my passion, writing, and my walk ……the journey has only BEGUN. I am here for a PURPOSE. The YOUTH of Africa. Our Future.

Thank you Africa4u

Jackline Waziri

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