Jackline Waziri

Jackline Waziri– UK Based Writer & Poet From Tanzania

Jackline Waziri was born in Dar es Salaam 1993, she is the daughter of Fauzia Waziri Juma.

Fauzia Waziri Jumas mother Mwanjaa Shaaban Robert, Jackline is the great granddaughter of the legendary Swahili poet Shaaban Bin Robert.

Waziri was then moved to the United Kingdom, where she had a keen interest in Literature, creative writing and poetry.

Waziri illustrates her truth and paints an art of her journey here in the UK but her soul that was left behind in Tanzania, through her writing.

‘In a world that my African-ness has been easily taken away from me, or that I have given it away consciously, with out knowing better, this is for you”. Waziris great passion is to bring healing, truth, light, awakening and unity to the African community but in particular the African children as she believes they are the future, who will lift up and rebuild Africa. Their motherland.

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