Youth Empowerment

Inspirational Youths Event

Dear Youths
Thank you for your VOICES
You have inspired me and many worlwide by your voices, stories, walk and journeys.
Remain powerful in your VOICES and walk. Keep up the great work.

1.Latoya Likambi

  • Liverpool Youngest Best Selling Author
  • Founder CEO – Teyes Skin Care &
  • Cosmetics & Mentor – Likambi Global Publishing

2.Nawal I Simpson – Founder ‘Bigger heart’ Zanzibar
3.Melissa Robert – Singer & Aspring Model
4.Meah M Wardeck – Artist & Animation Student.

I was INSPIRED. Thank you all.💚


I shared poetry from my book ‘Mwana’, all poems i read were in relation to youth, in the hope to bring light and to inspire our youths.

I read poems;
1.The power of youths
.. “Youth comes
But only comes
Once in a life time”…
Mwana – Jackline waziri

I also read poems;

  1. Village
  2. A New Generation
  3. Tanzanite
  4. Bibi
    “I climbed the bark of the trees”…
    ……”I am a daughter of Africa”….
    Mwana – Jackline Waziri

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