For Ages 3-12 🎈⭐️
Bring the magic of storytelling into your home 🏠
This workshop will motivate and awaken your children’s inner creativity and imagination. Storytelling with Jackline Waziri will engage your children and enter them into the wonderful world of books.

SAFEGUARDING: You MUST turn on your camera before you enter the Zoom meeting and identify yourself once you have entered, or you will be removed immediately from the workshop.


(£5 includes all children in house) Join us, Get your ticket and login in details.


Below are pictures of Mwana Events – Host Jackline Waziri with inspirational Youths who are authors and writers them selves, Destiny likambi being our youngest at 6 years old, and John Xavier 8 years old. How Amazing?

Below are previous Children’s Storytelling Workshops, Jackline Waziri Featured on GFMA Platform – Global Fusion music and art, for African and Christmas Storytelling.

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