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“Mwana is a raw and refreshing collection of poetry embracing profound themes in relation to community, the children of Africa and the unapologetic voice of Jackline Waziri through a transition of many journeys and overwhelming experiences”.

Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez

“Mwana, a small, concisely crafted work looks like a hot dart thrown from a street in Kinondoni all the way to London and beyond.
Why make a noise about such a tiny book?
Number one, it is easy reading number two, it is a microcosm of a young African woman telling in simple verse where she came from and where she is going.”

Freddy Macha

Mwana takes us across a landscape of memories and reflections about identity, the idea of home and belonging, tinged with nostalgia. Jackline is a promising poet with a great future.”.. 

Professor Joseph Mbele

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Mwana Book Ambassador Tanzania

Musician – Kelly Haso – Rhumba Crown Prince

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. My favourite poem is Letter as to me it reiterates the importance of being connected to both family and nature. The more we advance we become, the more we begin to use more technology and the less time we spend with nature. Likewise we begin to replace physical human interaction with digital human interaction. I do not want to give too much away so purchase the book to find out the message of the poem and all of the others.

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  2. Simplicity. Raw simplicity for me reeks and oozes power of great work. Mwana tells Ms Jackline Waziri’s safari. Her trials and jubilations. But doesnt end there. She takes her short life like a bull’s horns, her grip determined to turn around hardness into softness. No wonder there is light, sun and hope in every single poem she has given us. Potential? Yes. Promise deffo. Keep it up. My favourite ? All….


  3. Powerful words chosen and written by Jackline. I felt her emotions straight from the heart; the hopes, pains and determinations in her voice alongside the love for her home and community. This is her journey through life. Particularly powerful poems are “George Floyd” and her final piece “The Power of our Youth”, a reminder of the strength and hope in our young generation.


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