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Shaaban Robert



Shaaban Bin Robert, also known as Shaaban Robert, was born in Tanga, Tanzania 1909 and was a Tanzanian poet, Author. Died 1962 Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Shaaban Robert is to the Swahili Language what Shakespear is to English, acclaimed as the national poet, his publications have always been the touchstone of beauty of language, purity of spirit and deep wisdom informed by an African and Swahili culture in particular, but imbued with respect for and understanding other cultures. Most prominent of his is Kusadikika ( to be believed) an allegorical work of an imaginary country or state in which injustices are perpetrated against all notions of justice, law and humanity. Published at the height of colonial occupation in Tanzania.

Notable work: Kusadikika ( To be believed) 

Award: Margaret wrong prize for Africa Literature – and was honoured by the British government as a Memeber of the order of the British Empire ( M.B.E.) 

Hamida Mbaga

Hamida Mbaga – African achievers award in the North of England 

Is the founder and the CEO of Allthingsafrican, a black owned business. Hamida Mbaga has a thriving drive and passion not only the continent but for the community, culture and its future. Hamida Mbaga continues day in and day out to bring out the spirit of Africa to us all. 

Who is Mama Africa, Who brings our products to us better than Mama Africa?

April 2020 Africa4u awarded Hamida Mbaga – African Achievers in the North of England. 

A well true deserved and recognised award for a phenomenal hard working Individual, who continues to put Africa at the centre of her heart and life each day by “supporting deprived communities in Africa to earn a living through sell of African fashion, jewellery, footwear, art & crafts they produce”. 

Hamida Mbaga never fails to empress us with great quality handmade African products as well as her authentic attire, whenever you see Hamida Mbaga be prepared because she always looks like she has just come off the run way from head toe, always dripped with tradition and culture of authentic African class and elegance. 

We say thank you Mama Hamida Mbaga and Allthingsafrican for what you are doing for the community, culture and continent. We need you. 


Facebook: Hamida Mbaga 

Telephone: +447764535835

Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez is an International award winner, published Author & Poet, Events Consultant, MC and Youth Empowerment Consultant. He is also the CEO of AFRICA4U and the founder of the Diaspora online network. He has won over 20 awards.

Who is the VOICE for our community and our YOUTH? I have your answer read along…..

Mr Tony Fernandez is the voice for the youths, OUR YOUTHS, speaking from my own personal experience, Mr Fernandez has taken me under his wings and been a true voice of guidance, step by step leading me in to the right directions, with the most essential resources such as books, networks, links, people, and the most priceless his great wisdom and advice. The best advice Mr Fernandez gave me was to “Enjoy the process” this was the best advice anybody could of ever given me, and as I started to apply that mentally and physically into my blog, poetry and writing, everything became a joy to do and my dreams, goals and my aspirations all begun to unfold, by listening and learning to his VOICE. 

Mr Tony Fernandez not only trains but allows you to be comfortable in your own voice, I became confident sharing my writing with Mr Fernandez, as I recognised that all that he wants is the BEST FOR HIS YOUTHS, OUR YOUTHS as he never faild to show great interest and enthusiasm each day by always taking time out to read my work and always giving back quality feedback, and him understanding your passion and dream. It’s as if he is re-living through you and wants to make a change for the better. 

Mr Tony Fernandez has a way to encourage and empower through his voice and the chosen words he uses with out even knowing, and one thing that we need to hear as youths is ” I am proud of you”, and I heard this alot from Mr Fernandez, this allows us and our community to want to keep on pursuing, pushing and achieving , as we are consciously aware that our leaders and our community are behind us and beside us and that they want to see us achieve and want to be proud of US. 

Mr Tony Fernandez is an example of what we need more in our community, his voice of leadership and guidance is what has pushed, motivated and encouraged me, many others and hopefully YOU. 

Thank you Mr Tony Fernandez for a voice that has been encouraging and empowering . 

Thank you for being the body and the foundation to our community. Your work brings change, your work makes a difference, your work is touching lives and changing lives . From the Youths and the Community. We needed you & we need you. 


Facebook: Tony Tokunbo Fernandez- 

+44 7882 809 005

Mr Tony Fernandez Third published book “My little book of Christian poems”

Books order via paypal to afripoet@hotmail.com Menu

Tony Fernandez- Founder and CEO of Africa4U 

Alfa Kuabo

Alfa Kuabo – Acvist , radiodiamond presenter 

Who loves Africa more than our brother Alfa Kuabo? 

Alfa Kuabo is a Pan African, Warrior, African Activist , a powerful voice and radio presenter for radiodiamond.com. When you see brother Alfa please expect to see him representing Africa from head to toe always suited and booted in authentic African attire with elegance class and CULTURE, and when Alfa speaks about Africa, be prepared to hear a VOICE and HEART full of passion for our Motherland, always speaking life into Africa and about Africa. Brother Alfa breaths Africa, always on the fourth front defending and fighting for Africa, with such a true and tremendous passion for the not only for the continet but its community, well being and its development . Its everything. 

Brother Alfa, I want to say thank you for being a voice that we needed on the radio every sunday at 2pm-4pm, you always bring us fire and heat and it is never watered down, topics that are current on Africa and you bring it clear on the table for us, with so much truth , light and clarity. 

Thank you for what you are doing for the community and thank you for doing it with so much passion and gratitude. We appreciate your tireless efforts, fight and work. Keep fighting we are right beside and behind you. 

AFRICA Loves you more brother Alfa.

Facebook: Alfa Kuabo 

Station: Radiodiamond.com

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